For 40 years we have acquired expertise in installations used for cold forming of metals. Every installation we manufacture is tailored for each customer, helping us to reach full customer satisfaction in terms of product and size. In cold rolling installations, requested shape is created by passing metal strips through sequential forming rolls specifically designed for that particular product.

Enabling uninterrupted production unlike other methods, cold rolling method has additional advantages as follows;

• Complex geometric shapes can be generated.
• Compared to other methods, product possess a better consistency and continuity.
• Diversified production is enabled in terms of differing thickness and sizes.
• Endurance increases.
• Materials weigh lighter whereas rigidity rises, which results in material and cost saving.
• In continuous systems secondary operations can be carried out without interrupting the system.
• Both alloyed iron metals and nonferrous ones can be shaped.
• There is no more need for post-process coating as this type of machine is suitable for galvanized, plastic and vinyl-coated products.
• It has a superior production method. Production with maximum accuracy, superior tolerance and supreme surface cleanness.

Cold Rolling installations provide solutions to many new applications in several industries. A number of conventional methods have been abandoned giving place to the said type of machines for the sake of advantages listed above. We performed some applications such as production of support plates for PVC doors & windows and plate bars, some of which are displayed below.